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Ben Edge & The Electric Pencils S/T debut album now available for preorder. For UK Buyers the record will be dispatched to arrive with you in time for the official release date of the 14th of December or shortly before. 

Track listing is as follows -

1) Yellow house

2) Noise Inside of me 

3) Extra curricular 

4) Stick it all together 

5) Lowry at the door 

6) It’s not the same

7) Dotted line 

8) Should have been here yesterday 

9) Numb the wiser

10) What do you know about me? 

11) Memento mori 

12) New day 

13) Sunday painter 

14) Hooker next door

Ben Edge & The Electric Pencils was formed in 2015 by the Artist/Painter Ben Edge who was  formerly of Thee Spivs. The name was inspired by a trip to The Collection de l'art brut museum in Lausanne, Switzerland where Ben Edge came across the drawings of the recently discovered outsider artist James Edward deeds (A.K.A the Electric Pencil). The band began originally as a two piece with Steve Coley playing the bass and drums as a one man band. After the duo recorded the debut album and made a video for the song ‘Extra Curricular’ the band temporarily split up. Ben Edge determined to see an official release for the album and keep the band going has since recruited Tom Wing on bass and Teodora Kosanović on drums. The songs themselves are both raw and well crafted and reminiscent of bands such as the Kinks, the Vaselines, the Velvet underground, the Violent Femmes and the Cramps to name a few. This year sees the official release of there self titled debut album on both Almost Ready records and the bands own label One Man Movement.

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