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Where Were You – Mekons

I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free – Nina Simone

Teenage Toy – Insecure Men

Wuthering Heights – Kate Bush

When Under Ether – PJ Harvey

The Wild Rover – The Pogues

Son of a French Nobleman – The Jacobites

T.V On In Bed – Tronics

English Nobleman – Michael Hurley

Hooded Rogue Inn – Derek Fiechter, Brandon Fiechter

Brilliant Girl – Chirgilchin

Willow’s Song - Magnet

L.A. Freeway - Guy Clark

Pastime with Good Company - Henry VIII, Frottola

Restless Farewell - Bob Dylan

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When I Was Young – The Animals

Me and You – Egg Hunt

Clint Eastwood – The Upsetters

Lóa Fiðurgisin – Steindor Andersen, Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson

Red Right Hand – Iggy Pop, Jarvis Cocker

Stephanie Says – The Velvet Underground

Frightened – The Fall

Fix Me – Black Flag

South Australia – Ewan MacColl

Apeman – The Kinks

Dot Dash – Wire

My Roots - Burning Spear

The Thirty Foot Trailer - The Dubliners

Kings Crossing- Elliot Smith

The Mercy Seat - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

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Devil Behind That Bush – The Cramps

No Tears  – Tuxedo Moon 

When The Helicopter Comes – The Handsome Family

The Blarney Stone – Margaret Barry

Dracula – The Upsetters

The Strangle Of Anna – The Moonlandingz

Þegar Vetrar Þokan Grá – Steindor Andersen, Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson 

Stairway To Boredom – O Level

New Day – Ben Edge And The Electric Pencils

I’ll Make This Fun – Girl Ray

On Raglan Road – The Dubliners

Murder Outside - The Roves

Set It On Fire - Scientists

Fine Dem Back - Linton Kwesi Johnson

The Black Velvet Band - Ewan MacColl

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Fare Thee Well, Miss Carousel– Townes Van Zandt

Virtually Happy  – Holly Golightly 

The Painted Word – Television personalities 

Gently Johny– Magnet

Fade Away– Junior Byles

Spanish Moss – Jackson C. Frank

Breaking Into Aldi – Fat White Family

Dynggyldai – Alash Ensemble

New Age – The Velvet Underground

True love Will Find You In The End – Daniel Johnston

Betrayal Takes Two – Richard Hell

The Hedgehog’s Song - The Incredible String Band

Go Down Ye Murderers - Ewan MacColl

He’s A Mighty Good leader - Beck

It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue - Them, Van Morrison

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Anything Could Happen – The Clean

My Place  – The Adverts

There Is a War – Leonard Cohen

Natty Rebel – U-Roy

Life – Jeffrey Lewis

You Don't Want The Kids To Be Dead – The Beets

I'm so Depressed – Abner Jay

Got to Have Pop – The Moderns

Little Boxes – Pete Seeger

Hurt so Good – Susan Cadogan

Rising Of The Moon – The Dubliners

Moments - The Kinks

The Boy With Magazines - Pete Bentham & The Dinner Ladies

The Community Of Hope - PJ Harvey

My Last Days On Earth - Bill Monroe & His Blue Grass Boys

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Nashville Blues – Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

White Light / White Heat  – Lou Reed/The Bootleggers/Mark Lanegan

The Last Living Rose – PJ Harvey

Lost Highway – Mekons

Maypole – Magnet

Blues Run The Game – Jackson C. Frank

Dark In My Heart – DM Bob & The Deficits

Darlin' Commit Me – Steve Earle

Bob Dylan Blues – Syd Barrett

I Don't Like The Man That I Am – Billy Childish & The Singing Loins

Coal Miner's Daughter – Loretta Lynn

Borderline - Fat White Family

Transmetropolitan - The Pogues

Cross Bone Style - Cat Power

Lovers & Friends - Battlefield Band

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